check in

Video Tip

Video Tip

Just share one quick tip to your people. Via video. This is going to provide value and solidify interest and trust in your by seeing your face and hearing your voice.

Dont Share This

Don’t Share This

Surprise your audience with something extremely generous like a discount or access to something really special


Lucky Duck

It’s a holiday and people love small talk. Let’s use that to our advantage this week to quickly connect and establish expertise in an area.

Totally Unpredictable

Totally Unpredictable

Be totally unpredictable and send a short email.

Don't Forget

Don’t Forget

Share a quick tip. Use this email to stay top of mind and show that you’re investing in them by giving them something of value.


For the Rest of the Year

Use this email to share what’s going down rest of the year. After all, it’s all about setting expectations.