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Quick Listicle

Quick Listicle

newsletter is all about Pattern Interrupt. Meaning, let’s break up the monotony of the inbox with something a little fun and very easy to read. Trust me. This email might be a challenge to write (you have to come up with a few things), but it’s going to really help you get your emails opened long-term.

Dont Share This

Don’t Share This

Surprise your audience with something extremely generous like a discount or access to something really special

Follow Me on Social

Follow Me on Social

Just a quick way to get more followers on social media. Perfect to start growing a channel or simply to just get more followers. Also great to use before a launch where you include social content and/or ads.



When people feel like part of a community, they are more likely to spend their resources on it…time, money, etc. Let’s facilitate a conversation around community within your niche by pointing out places where they can find friends in this email.


Fun Facts

The best way to get your emails opened is to make sure the last one they opened was worth it. Hit your subscribers with something fun and unexpected to hook them into opening your emails for years to come.


Favorite Part of the Year

Use this email to be relatable– share a fave part of your year and give a little more insight into your personality and/or life.


Surprising Difference

Stand out from other people doing the same thing as you by giving some out of the box tips.