Sell wa testimonial

Sell with a Testimonial

This is a (mostly shameless) sales email. Gather up some testimonials and share them with your audience to show people the possibilities that can come when they invest in what you’re selling.

Dont Share This

Don’t Share This

Surprise your audience with something extremely generous like a discount or access to something really special


Fun Facts

The best way to get your emails opened is to make sure the last one they opened was worth it. Hit your subscribers with something fun and unexpected to hook them into opening your emails for years to come.

4-Part Weekend Flash Sale

Weekend Flash Sale

Need a quick cash injection? This might be your ticket. Can be done over a weekend.

graphic showing the live workshop 8-part email sequence

8 Part Live Workshop Email Sequence

Want to run a live workshop? Here’s an 8 part email sequence complete with all the teaching you need to get it done!


Simple 5-Day Launch Emails

This is the exact sequence I used during my first course launch. Remember, I had 141 people on the waitlist and I made 141 sales. WARNING: this will only work if you’re people have properly gone through The Email Staircase.

3 + 3 = $

3 + 3 = $

Share a bit of yourself without telling a story, put your offers (or offer to help) in front of your peeps.