short and sweet

Quick Listicle

Quick Listicle

newsletter is all about Pattern Interrupt. Meaning, let’s break up the monotony of the inbox with something a little fun and very easy to read. Trust me. This email might be a challenge to write (you have to come up with a few things), but it’s going to really help you get your emails opened long-term.

Dont Share This

Don’t Share This

Surprise your audience with something extremely generous like a discount or access to something really special

4-Part Weekend Flash Sale

Weekend Flash Sale

Need a quick cash injection? This might be your ticket. Can be done over a weekend.


Share Some Music

Everybody likes music. Use this email to show a bit of personality without telling some long drawn out story nobody cares about.

Show Your Face

Show Your Face

Use this email to show your face (literally!), seed a new product, and get your click rate up.