click rate


Fun Facts

The best way to get your emails opened is to make sure the last one they opened was worth it. Hit your subscribers with something fun and unexpected to hook them into opening your emails for years to come.

All the Links

All the Links

Newsletters should share the news. Use this email to share the latest industry stuff so people have something to dig into and you get some promo/idea shiz off your plate.


Inspire and Connect

People need external motivation. Use this email to inspire people to action/get them excited about your niche thing again.


Really Awesome Links

Get your click rate up. Use this email to provide REALLY good stuff they want to click on so they will gladly click any time you send outbound links.


Favorite Part of the Year

Use this email to be relatable– share a fave part of your year and give a little more insight into your personality and/or life.


Gratitude + Value 

A short and sweet email to show you really care, and that you provide something real support among all Black Friday mess.


When You’re Not Doing Black Friday

Not doing Black Friday? Create involved readers instead by asking their opinion.


Share Some Music

Everybody likes music. Use this email to show a bit of personality without telling some long drawn out story nobody cares about.


Surprising Difference

Stand out from other people doing the same thing as you by giving some out of the box tips.