Just Presell It

Email Sequence Templates

Already-written template sequence for selling a product before you build it. Click the little arrow above to get started.

20 Minute Newsletters


An outline to write any newsletter in 20 minutes or less. Complete with voice guide. Click the little arrow above to get started.

Video Training

2-hour workshop on how to revive and maintain the health of your email list + get people to open your emails.

Summit Email Success

Video Training

Before, during, and after-the-event email templates for your summit. Designed to get people to show up live + make you All Access Pass sales.

Email Metrics Training

Video Training

Discover the truth behind that pesky little Apple iOS update. Then learn the larger picture of email metrics and which to focus on for success of YOUR business.

Bankable Black Friday

Video Training

1 hour Black Friday training with Email Sequence Templates that will set you up for a banging Black Friday! Click the little arrow above to get started.

Building Community with Email

Video Training

2-hour workshop on why email is the perfect place to connect with your audience and how to do it so it leads to real connection and cashflow.

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